GMDSS Maritime Communications

Maritime Radio Communication

KENTA is recognized as a Key Supplier of GMDSS or Coastal Surveillance Systems Worldwide

KENTA is a designer, a manufacturer and a system integrator for any GMDSS system projects worldwide. KENTA is able to manage turn key projects from the coverage studies to the final system installation including test and maintenance. KENTA has the complete solution for MF, HF and VHF systems 100% IP based  (transmitters, receivers, transceivers, antenna systems, software at MRCC etc.) and for any Maritime applications such as:

  • MF/HF  radio stations for Voice (VoIP, SIP/ED137B), DSC and NAVTEX (4 209,5kHz)
  • VHF radio stations for Voice (VoIP, SIP/ED137B), DSC and AIS
  • NAVTEX radio stations (490kHz; 500kHz & 518kHz)
  • Voice (VoIP, SIP/ED137B), DSC & NAVTEX enhanced software for MRCC (GMDSS Server, Voice Operator Console, DSC Operator Console, NAVTEX Operator Console, MSI Broadcast Manager, Recorders etc.)

KENTA is also a member of the 5B commission of the ITU and is participationg to IALA work groups.

KENTA has for example submitted two recommendations for the future digital radiocommunication systems in the MF/HF maritime bands. This new system is now endorsed by the ITU under the NAVDAT name. KENTA also follows closely  the VDES (VHF Data Exchange Systems) works of IALA.

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