EMC Testing


The KENTA Laboratory is able to make the following EMC tests:

  • Emission & Susceptibility testing,
  • Continuous & Transcient interferences,
  • Radiative & Conductive testing

For radiative testing KENTA has a set of different antennas able to cover electric fields up to 18GHz. The Anechoic Chamber of KENTA is 8m long, which allows to accept high dimension devices for test. KENTA has also a magnetic field test bench for frequencies below 30MHz.

KENTA has all the dedicated measurement tools such as signal generators, spectrum & signal analysers,  oscilloscopes, network analysers necessary to complete the required tests. Most of these measurement tools are calibrated.


Measurement of an equipment behavior with respect to the changes of its power supply (power supply cuts during a defined time, power supply variations in a specified range etc.) can also be performed.




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