MF/HF Transmitter

KTX-2012-1000: 1kW PEP MF/HF Transmitter for Air Trafic System

The KTX-2012-1000 transmitter works in the MF/HF frequency range from 1.6 to 30MHz and can deliver up to 1 kilowatt PEP of RF signal into a 50Ω load. The KTX-2012-1000 transmitter uses up-to-date technologies :

  • The RF signal is generated by a digital synthesizer with DSP and DDS,
  • Use of last generation of MOS-FET solid-state power amplifiers,
  • Integrated IP Gateway compatible with ED137B abd G711 audio over IP decoding,
  • SELCAL function as per ICAO Annex 10 guideline and possibility
  • Possibility of HF Data Link Communication as per ICAO Annex 10 volume III (Option),
  • Unlimited number of pre-programmable channels,
  • BITE on module level,
  • Web based application software for remote control & monitoring. SNMP Agent in option (TRAP supported)

The KTX-2012-1000 transmitter is designed for use in the field of maritime and aviation. It is installed in  one 19" - 42U cabinet, the power supply, the synthesizer, the amplifier and the harmonic filter for an easy installation on site. The transmitter is equipped with internal protection against excess of VSWR (up to 3:1), voltage, current and heat sink temperatures.



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