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MF/HF Receiver for Voice, DSC & NAVTEX

The NAV-eBOX  product is a professional MF/HF receiver fully compliant with the VoIP ED137B standard and can be used for any GMDSS applications such as voice, DSC, NAVTEX and NAVDAT.

The typical applications of the NAV-eBOX product are:

  • Voice, DSC and NAVTEX Reception for GMDSS in the HF and MF band
  • Suitable to receive maritime security and safety information (GMDSS MSI)
  • NAVTEX & NAVDAT reception (optional)

The NAV-eBOX main features are:

  • All IP RX: ED137B Interface +  Remote control and monitoring through Web & SNMP
  • Easy to install, to setup and to use
  • Operation modes : All classical analog modes + digital NAVDAT
  • Demodulation of any signal even in presence of a high disturbing signal at any frequency thanks to analog preselector filter and dedicated analog IF filter 

The NAV-eBOX product is delivered as a rackable 19'' - 1U unit. It has been especially designed to be used in maritime environment (coastal station).

VHF Transceiver

KVHF-4010-50: 50W VHF Transceiver for GMDSS Coast Station

The KVHF-4010-50 transceiver works in the maritime VHF frequency range from 156MHz to 162MHz and can deliver up to 50W of RF signal into a 50Ω load in transmission mode.

The KVHF-4010-50 transceiver uses up-to-date technologies and has native IP capabilities with the following features:

  • Control through a high level WEB server (both for settings and monitoring),
  • High level Monitoring through SNMP (MIB supplied) as an option,
  • Data input both for voice and DSC fully compliant with the ED137-B standard (VoIP with SIP),
  • LCD for local settings & monitoring as an option,
  • Voice accessories for local use (microphones etc.),

The KVHF-4010-50 transceiver is specially designed to be installed into a maritime coast station fulfilling the GMDSS requirements. It fulfill the requirements according to EN 301 929-1 ETSI Standard for stationary sea radio units and guarantee a reliable operation, even in long time stress operation.

The KVHF-4010-50 transceiver is fully integrated inside a 19" - 3U rack with single phase 100/240VAC - 50/60Hz for an easy installation on site.

The KVHF-4010-50 transceiver can be used both for voice (or Phony) and DSC applications (DSC encoder / decoders included, VoIP encoders / decoders included).

Thanks to its experience in maritime communication systems, KENTA can propose turn-key VHF coast stations integrated into a 19'' rack (with antennas, coaxial cables and connectors, duplexers, filters, UPS etc.). Click here for more information.

Power also available : 25W

MF/HF Transmitter

KTX-2012-1000: 1kW PEP MF/HF Transmitter for GMDSS Coast Station

The KTX-2012-1000 transmitter works in the MF/HF frequency range from 1.6 to 30MHz and can deliver up to 1 kilowatt PEP of RF signal into a 50Ω load. The KTX-2012-1000 transmitter uses up-to-date technologies and is from now ready for the incoming NAVDAT HF system:

  • The RF signal is generated by a digital synthesizer with DSP and DDS,
  • Use of last generation of MOS-FET solid-state power amplifiers,
  • An IP access for monitoring and remote control is present in addition to the common RS232/485 access,
  • A digital audio over IP access is present in addition to the traditional analog access (VoIP with SIP / ED137B),
  • Web based application software for remote control & monitoring. SNMP Agent in option (TRAP supported)

The KTX-2012-1000 is specially designed to be installed into the maritime coast station fulfilling the GMDSS requirements. It includes one 19" - 24U cabinet (without option), the power supply, the synthesizer, the amplifier and the harmonic filter for an easy installation on site. The main power supply is single phase from 100/240VAC - 50/60Hz.

The KTX-2012-1000 transmitter can be used for voice, DSC, NAVTEX ( 4 209.5kHz) or other purpose (USB, Digital Modulation etc.).

As an option, the KTX-2012-1000 transmitter can control the external KTU-2052-1000 Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU), if the transmitting antenna is not a wide band one.

Other available options are:

  • LCD Display for Local Control
  • Integrated Matching Box
  • Redundancy Switch 2:1
  • Tx Antenna Matrix ('M' inputs -> 'N' outputs)
  • SNMP Agent
  • Local Voice Operator Console with Integrated MF/HF Voice Receiver

Power also available : 2kW and 5kW.


KTU-2052-1000: 1kW MF/HF ATU for GMDSS Coast Station

The KTU-2052-1000 Automatic Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) is a professional coupler, which can operate on a whip or a wire antenna configuration in the RF band 1.65MHz to 30MHz to a 50Ω transmitter (the KTX-2012-1000 for instance).

The KTU-2052-1000 is integrated inside an IP65 large plastic resistant to temperature.

The KTU-2052-1000 is connected to the transmitter through a coaxial cable, a power cable and a shielded control cable.

Maximum RF power input is 1000W PEP.

The coupler network configuration is a PI or L type; sensors continually monitor the state of the tuning and relay this information to the processor.

Power also available : 2kW and 5kW.

KENTA can also provide the antenna on-demand.


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