KENTA has its own Research & Developement department and continually invests in programs of experimental development forward in its areas of expertise i.e. Radio Frequency Technologies.

    Research Programs

    KENTA is a member of both 'Images&Réseaux' and 'Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique' competitiveness clusters and is participating in several projects labelled by these clusters and participated in several projects.



    NAVDAT Technology

    KENTA is also actively contributing to the standardisation of the future Digital Maritime Radio Communication (NAVDAT MF and HF). Kenta is specialist for Digital Modulation (COFDM) and can develop any specific COFDM modulation and demodulation as it is needed for NAVDAT. Nautels NX MF transmitters are ready for COFDM moulation as DRM or NAVDAT and have been used for NAVDAT trials in China.

    NAVDAT History:

    • On the French initiative, the World Radio Conference 2012 approved the worldwide exclusive usage of the frequency band 490 - 505 kHz for the maritime mobile service.
    • KENTA  prepared a first document presented to the 5B Working Group at ITU on  November 2009. This document described a digital system usable in the 500 kHz band.
    • Evolution of this first document with the participation of USA, Denmark and Japan has been made in May and November 2010.
    • A presentation has been made by KENTA of the technical annex in November 2010 describing the test results at sea carrier out on the car ferry PONT AVEN from Brittany ferries.
    • KENTA proposed the free name of NAVDAT for the system.
    • In November 2011 the ITU-R Study Group 5 adopted the recommendation ITU-R-M [500 kHz] which has been published in March 2012: “ Characteristics of a digital system, named Navigational Data for broadcasting maritime safety and security related information from shore to ship in the 500 kHz band”
    • The WRC 2012 has made changes in the HF band to prepare the introduction of digital technology. After the NAVDAT MF (500kHz), France has proposed the extension of the NAVDAT system in the HF band. Six frequencies have been proposed for NAVDAT HF.

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    Specific Projects

    KENTA knowledge built from its high skills and its recognized expertise in radio frequency technologies allow to offer to its customer adaptation of its own product for specific needs or specific development of new products from the specifications to the production of small series.

    Its own test laboratory with all the dedicated measurement tools allow to define the right product compliant with its dedicated Radio, EMC and Environmental standards.

    KENTA can then realize the non-exhaustive following tasks:

    • Definition of Technical Specifications
    • Electronic Board Design (Schematics, CAD)
    • Embedded Software development (FPGA, microprocessors, DSPs etc.)
    • Development of graphical user interfaces
    • Mechanical Design

    See Reference for specifc design development example.




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